Arboretum Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in the healthcare sector. We invest in companies that improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare system costs in the areas of medical devices, life science tools & diagnostics, and tech-enabled care delivery. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we manage a portfolio that is diverse in stage and geography. We target opportunities that can achieve significant milestones and value creation in a capital-efficient manner and prioritize “under-ventured” geographies, particularly the Midwest.

Our Partners

  • “Tim Petersen brings a wealth of healthcare expertise and relationships to our company and is a very effective member of our Board of Directors. He rolls up his sleeves to assist us when it’s truly needed and has the good sense to stay out of the way when it’s not.”

    Lou Silverman, CEO
    Lou Silverman, CEO Advanced ICU Care
  • “As our Chairman, Paul McCreadie’s integrity, character, and talent creates a solid foundation of trust, which is essential for effective strategic thinking and decision making. I know that whether things are going well, or if we are facing challenges, I can always count on his collaborative, shoulder to shoulder support and entrepreneurial insight.”

    Mark Forchette, CEO
    Mark Forchette, CEO Delphinus Medical Technologies
  • “Jan Garfinkle has been a valued partner since the early formation of Strata. Her reputation in the business and deep network helped us attract an experienced syndicate of investors and has opened doors to strategic partners vital for our success.”

    Dan Rhodes, CEO
    Dan Rhodes, CEO Strata Oncology
  • “Arboretum Ventures understands the importance of collaboration and passion in building a great company. Their expertise in clinical and reimbursement strategy along with a broad industry network were invaluable in fostering our success.”

    Surbhi Sarna, CEO
    Surbhi Sarna, CEO nVision Medical
  • “Tom Shehab’s decades as a healthcare executive and physician leader offer unique and thoughtful insights to strategic discussions that have significantly shaped our commercial priorities. His collaborative and authentic leadership style adds significant value to the board and extends to the entire Aira team.”

    Suman Kanuganti, CEO
    Suman Kanuganti, CEO Aira