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Entrepreneurial Spirit, Midwest Grit

A disciplined healthcare venture capital strategy driven by an unrelenting work ethic to achieve success for our entrepreneurs and investors

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FloPatch for fluid management, made by Flosonics
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What do we look for?

  • Innovations that deliver meaningful improvements to patient outcomes and reduce health system costs
  • Groundbreaking opportunities in our sectors of focus: medical devices, life sciences tools & diagnostics, tech-enabled care delivery, and pharma adjacencies
  • Founders and CEOs with domain expertise who embrace capital efficiency and seek collaborative investment partners rather than passive financiers
  • Investments that span development and commercial stage but focus on Series A and B opportunities
  • Under-ventured opportunities, as it relates to geographies, teams, and sectors

Pictured: FloPatch®, wireless, wearable ultrasound device for fluid management, by Flosonics® Medical

What do we commit to you?

  • Active and involved healthcare investors who operate with integrity, approachability, and transparency
  • A team of passionate healthcare and venture capital experts diverse in demographic and experience
  • A track record of success and experience navigating the ups and downs of early-stage company building
  • Access to a world-class advisory board to leverage C-level experience, expertise, and leadership in healthcare

Pictured: Vivally® wearable neuromodulation system for urinary incontinence, by Avation® Medical

Vivally for urinary incontinence, made by Avation
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A commitment to teamwork

Since our founding in 2002, Arboretum has become a leader in early healthcare investing by fostering a culture rooted in respect and integrity. We attribute our success to the fundamental values that drive our culture.

  • True to the mission

    Invest in great people with great ideas and a passion for improving healthcare quality, access, and affordability

  • People first

    Lead selflessly and act as supportive partners to our entire team and stakeholders

  • Honesty wins

    Act with integrity and make the hard decision when we know it is the right decision

  • Continuous improvement

    Strive to be at the forefront of healthcare industry trends through research, education, and partner-building

  • Community-focused

    Use our talent, time, and resources to give back to the healthcare ecosystem and local communities

The impact

Community requires teamwork, and at Arboretum, we believe the best teams are diverse in culture, gender, thought, and experience. At our firm and within our portfolio companies, our goals are to be healthcare investors who:

  • Build and foster a supportive and diverse corporate culture
  • Prioritize diversity among senior management and fellow board members
  • Assist our institutional investors in extending their internal diversity and inclusion initiatives
Portfolio Spotlight

Trailblazers can achieve the impossible when others only imagine it

With more than 20 successful years under our belt and a nationally recognized reputation, we’ve proven that achieving healthcare venture capital success right here in the Midwest is possible.

Explore our portfolio companies' success stories
Strata Oncology logo

Where it started?
Strata Oncology provides next-generation genomic sequencing (NGS) for advanced cancer patients, with the mission to help clinicians match the “right therapy to the right patient” sooner through the Strata NGS test and through pharma trials. Arboretum co-led the Series A financing in 2015 and helped recruit additional investors for the Series B and C, including Pfizer, Merck, Wellington, and Baird.

Where it is today?
In May of 2023, Strata launched its newest test, Strata Select, which is a pan-solid tumor molecular profiling test for patients with advanced cancer that provides treatment selection guidance for immunotherapy. This test is reimbursed by Medicare.