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Fifth Eye has developed a unique early warning system that enables proactive patient care to improve outcomes, avoid adverse events, and reduce cost.
Ann Arbor, MI

CEO: Andrew Malcolmson
Arboretum Lead: Tom Shehab, MD

September 28, 2023 in Fifth Eye, News Page

Clinical study of ECG-based analytic shows average three-hour advance prediction of hemodynamic instability

The Analytic for Hemodynamic Instability (AHI) System™ from Weil Institute spin-off Fifth Eye, Inc. provides clinically significant lead time in predicting onset of instability before vital signs.
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May 16, 2023 in Fifth Eye, News Page

Fifth Eye’s AHI System™ for Predictive Patient Analytics Now Available in Medical Informatics Corp.’s Sickbay™ Platform

Fifth Eye Inc., a provider of real-time clinical analytics, is pleased to announce that their Analytic for Hemodynamic Instability (AHI) is now available to customers using Medical Informatics Corp.’s Sickbay™…
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